Setting up Google Analytics on your recipe website could not be more simple. We just need to get the Google Analytics Tracking Id and paste that into your CommerceOwl settings. Let's dig in.

1. Go to your Google Analytics Account section by clicking Admin on the bottom left.

2. Click on Property Settings.

3. Copy the Tracking Id number.

4. Log in to CommerceOwl Admin account and click Store settings on the bottom left.

5. In the Business section, paste the Google Analytics Tracking Id that you copied from Google Analytics on to the Google Analytics Tracking Id field.

6. Save your changes using the top bar.

Note: It may appear that the change isn't being saved after your paste your Google Analytics Tracking Id due to a temporary issue. To double check if it's saved, refresh your browser window after clicking the Save button.

There you have it. Now you'll be able to see the behavior of your visitors and customers and how they're interacting with you recipes.

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